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We Provide Quality Training to Maximize Your Valuable Time - Quality Over Quantity!

The approach to training has changed over the last few years, using new and more efficient methods. Prepare yourself for your next sprint distance triathlon, century ride, race event or series, or if you just want to ride stronger and get in better shape. We can help you with a training program that will properly prepare you for your goal.

We specialize in training programs that will work around your busy life and give you the most benefits with the least amount of time. We incorporate strength training, flexibility, and recovery into your training programs. We will adjust the program to accommodate your fitness level and time.

  • Weekend warrior and wanting to ride stronger but limited time to train?

  • Amateur Racer wanting to get faster?

  • Signed up for that century ride and need to build endurance?

  • Riding a charity ride that is pretty flat or maybe it has a lot of climbing?


We have a program for you!

Contact us and we will get you started


"My name is Curt Miller and I started bicycling more "seriously" about three years ago.  I am fifty-seven, so I started later in my life.  I first took the bicycle repair class with Paul and my eyes were opened to many new and exciting features on my bicycle and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could actually do some of my own repairs and adjustments.  The class was very "hands on". I had been on a "plateau" with my bicycling and I wanted to improve. 
First I got my bicycle fitted by Paul.  I was amazed that the adjustments I made were so far off.  My performance improved immediately.  Paul also noticed that my legs were bending out as I pedaled.  This was probably why I was experiencing some pain in my one knee.  Paul gave me advice to fix this problem. 

Second, I asked Paul to coach me.  He put me on a bicycling schedule and an exercise routine.  My performance improved immediately. My ‘08 time for the bicycling section of The Jay Benson Triathalon was 41:16 at 18:1 mph. My ‘09 time was 37:07 at 20.1 mph.  I owe my improvement to Paul's help, guidance in training, and bike fitting.  THANKS!!!"

"Paul puts a lot of attention into every detail of bike fitting and takes the time to explain the concepts, which I really appreciate. Before coming to Paul, I just made due with my setup and dealt with aches and pains figuring that's just part of riding. It was a surprise to see just how far off my setup was at almost every point. Now, I ride far more efficiently, with a lot more power, and for far longer. 

Prior to working with Paul, my training was erratic and undisciplined. I'd go out hard one day, only to completely wear myself out and then take three days off, then go out and blow myself apart again all over. I tried applying the information from different books, but it was impossible to figure out how to apply it all. Now, I no longer have to guess about what I need to do. Paul has set me up with structured workouts that allow me to train hard and recover properly, and go into each race with more confidence."


Michael LaForte

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