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Ride without flat tires!

Warm weather is here and riding season is at it's prime. However, so are thorns. Make sure you check your air pressure before riding, it's even a good idea to check tires the night before a ride. That way you won't get caught with a flat when you're trying get out for your ride.

Tubeless tires run a sealant that works to help seal the tire bead to the rim and protect against flats from thorns. Every 2-3 months make sure your sealant is not all dried up, add 3-5 ounces if dry. Tires with tubes should also use sealant and can add a tire liner in for extra protection. Road tires need a good sealant in the tube that will work with higher pressure. There are several latex based sealants that work good for high pressure tires with tubes and tubeless tires. Remember to always carry a patch kit, spare tube or two, tire levers, and some kind of pump or air device like CO2. Pump sure you have a pump that will work for your tires and if you are using a CO2 device best to practice at home first. If you have trouble changing tires and/or taking the rear wheel off, we can help or ask around at the local shops for when they will have the next flat repair class.

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