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Newer to mountain biking?

Have some experience mountain biking but want to improve your skills, ride with more confidence, feel safe by yourself and clean that section?

These skills clinics are for YOU!

Expand your riding, be prepared to learn and have fun at these clinics!


Learn the fundamental mountain bike skills needed to become a better rider:

· Body & bike positions

· Bike / body separation 

· Braking / speed control

· Steering / cornering

· Obstacles up & downhill

· Shifting

"Lee and Paul are knowledgable & experienced teachers. They're super supportive & tried to keep it group oriented for fun"

"Had a great day learning skills and becoming for confident. Great fun!"

"I have taken other mountain bike clinics in the past but still felt like I couldn't ride alone to practice. This clinic gave me enough info re: building blocks and safety skills to build my confidence for riding & having fun:-)"

"Thank you for the great class and having amazing patients. You both are great instructors"

"Although I was physically fit, I wasn't comfortable on my bike prior to the Diva clinic. The skills clinic in the morning helped me understand how to move on my bike, and Paul and Lee gave great corrections/feedback. I felt challenged but safe the whole time. I would definitely recommend this clinic to women who want to learn & gain comfort and skill."

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