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The connection between you and your bicycle

is extremely important. The correct bicycle fit

can make your cycling experience more

efficient and comfortable.

Yes, that's right: your bike should be comfortable!


Pedaling is a very repetitive motion and a

bad connection between you and your bike

can create injuries. We can help address

any pain issue with a professional bike fit. 

We fit the bike to you, instead of fitting you to the bike!

$30 - 30 minutes

$60 - 60 minutes 

Bike Fit with Dynamic Fitting includes
adjusting saddle fore and aft

    position, saddle height, cleat position, and
handlebar position. Adjustments are made
according to pedaling style and body
mechanics of each person, including but not
limited to, ankling, and laser aligned knee 
movement. Special attention given to 
address body aches and pains.

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